Paraphrasing PowerPoint Presentation

Guidelines for Paraphrasing PowerPoint Presentation

Paraphrasing is a way of changing a particular sentence into another without altering the content in the sentence. Now, do you want to paraphrase your PowerPoint slides? We have tips to help you out. Read on!

Reasons for Paraphrasing PowerPoint Presentation

Paraphrasing PowerPoint presentation helps to prevent plagiarism. A copied presentation slide falls into the category of plagiarized reports. Be keen when paraphrasing your PowerPoint presentations to avoid such cases.

First, it allows people to use short texts in their slides. An excellent presentation should contain small sentences. Doing so helps to reduce the number of slides and boost the readers’ understanding. When you paraphrase your work, you might want to use bulleted lists. Doing that is okay, only if your supervisor allows.

Steps in Paraphrasing PowerPoint Presentation

See below for guides in paraphrasing:

  1. Read the text first and understand

Before you can paraphrase any PowerPoint presentation, you must read through the entire content within it. Make sure that you understand word by word. Often, individuals would rush when handling this task. If you fail in that, you might even alter the message in the presentation.

You should have enough time to go through the PowerPoint presentation before paraphrasing it. Remember, you don’t want to change the meaning if you do it wrong.

  1. Select the main ideas and highlight

When reading through the PowerPoint presentation slides, you should highlight the main ideas. Doing so makes it easy to remember any point without leaving out the main ones. Highlighting the facts makes the work easy when paraphrasing. You wouldn’t have to go back and reread the entire texts. A highlighted text will remind you of what you read without going back again.

How to paraphrase PowerPoint presentation slides

Paraphrasing PowerPoint presentation is possible if you can:

  1. Change the structure of the sentence completely

The simple way to paraphrase your PowerPoint presentation is by changing the entire sentence. You can use different words all along. Remember, you should retain the meaning of your text when doing that. In this style, you’ll be paraphrasing each sentence.

  1. Use synonyms

Another trick you can use is relying on synonyms. Synonyms are words that have a similar meaning, but they differ in spelling.

Paraphrasing PowerPoint presentations using this style should result in changes in the words present in a text. Moreover, the content has to remain the same.

  1. Summary

Also, you can summarize the entire paragraph in the PowerPoint presentation. As opposed to the previous styles, here you’ll draft a summary of the whole passage. You can pick out the main idea in the paragraph. You’ll then write your PowerPoint presentation, starting with the main idea. From there, you can introduce the rest of the points.

Every paraphrasing PowerPoint presentation should speak for itself. When you paraphrase your work, you should never change the meaning of your slides.

If you face challenges when paraphrasing PowerPoint presentations, you can hire an expert to do that for you. But now, you must be keen on the services that you select. Always aim for companies that deliver quality, paraphrasing PowerPoint presentation services.

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